2 Week Day Class (subject to change without notice)

(Baton Rouge, Lafayette)


Mon. Contracts; Property Management

Tue.  Agency; Transfer of Title; Fair Housing

Wed. Ownership; Encumbrances

Thur. Valuation, Math, Land Descriptions

Fri. Finance

Mon. LA Civil Law; LA License Law

Tue. LREC Rules & Regulations

PowerPoint Course Review

Wed. PowerPoint Course Review

Thur. Mortgage & Mock Closing

Fri. Review/Exam/Computer Lab

2 Week Day Class (subject to change without notice)



Mon. Contracts; Property Management

Tue.  Transfer of Title; Encumbrances

Wed. Ownership; Fair Housing

Thur. Agency; Land Descriptions

Fri. Valuation; Math

Mon. Finance

Tue. License Law

Wed. Commission Rules & Regulations

Thur. Civil Law

Fri. Review & Exam

5 Week Night Schedule - Baton Rouge (subject to change without notice)
Mon. Agency & Contracts
Tue. Federal Fair Housing

Mon. Ownership & Title Transfer
Tue. Encumbrances

Mon.  Finance
Tue. Land Descriptions

Mon. Valuation & Property Management
Tue. Civil Law

Mon. Math
Tue. Real Estate Review

Mon.     Louisiana License Law
Tue.      LREC Rules & Regs

5 Week Night Schedule - Lafayette (subject to change without notice)


Tue. Orientation; Review

Thu. Agency; Contracts

Tue. Title Transfer; Encumbrances

Thu. Ownership; Property Management

Tue. Valuation

 Thu. Math; Land Descriptions


Tue. Finance

Thu. Civil Law


Tue. License Law

Thus. Commission Rules & Regulations; Fair Housing
5 Week Night Schedule - Metairie (subject to change without notice)

Tue. Contracts; Property Management

Thu. Title Transfer; Encumbrances

Tue. Ownership; Fair Housing

Thu. Agency; Land Descriptions

Tue. Valuation; Math

 Thu. Finance


Tue. License Law

Thu. Rules & Regulaions


Tue. Civil Law

Thus. Review

3 Week Night Schedule - Monroe (Subject to change without notice)

Mon. Civil Law
Tue. License Law
Wed. Rules & Regulations
Thu. Review

Mon. Agency
Tue. Contracts; Fair Housing
Wed. Ownership; Title Transfer
Thu. Encumbrances; Land Descriptions

Mon. Valuation; Finance
Tue. Math; Property Management
Wed. Review
Thu. Review

3 Week Nights/Week-ends Schedule - Lake Charles (subject to change without notice)

Thu. Agency; Fair Housing

Fri. Contracts

Sat. Ownership; Encumbrances; Title Transfer


Thu. Valuation; Land Descriptions

Fri. Finance

Sat. Math; Property Management; Civil Law


Thu. License Law

Fri. Commission Rules & Regulations

Sat. Review; Final Exam




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