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Laser Measurer
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True Laser Measuring Easy to Use, Fast and Precise

Measures to 100 feet, with accuracy of1/8"or better over the entire range

  • Measure distances, areas, and volumes for material estimates.
  • Determine placement and fit for room furnishings and cabinetry.
  • Measure windows and window coverings.
  • Measure hallways, rooms, floors for floor covering.
  • Measure in attics and crawlspaces for insulation and ductwork.
  • Determine if a room is square.
  • Measure distances for placement of safety equipment.
  • Measure walls, ceiling of a room to estimate paint required.
  • Place electrical receptacles to meet code.
  • Measure distances for HVAC duct placement.
  • Measure distances between sprinkler heads for irrigation.
  • Measure horizontal roof lengths for installing rain gutters.
Measure room for home theater to ensure proper placement of audio/video equipment.

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